Celebrate and Support Each Other

Women Female Feminism Lady Madam Friends ConceptHappy International Women’s Day!

Honor the strong women in your life today. It is because of those that have empowered you that you can now empower others.

And if you are not empowering the other women around you it is


Let me share a short story is with an all-too-common theme.

My BFF was getting close to the day she would take early retirement from her job of 20-plus years. In an effort to make sure she did right by her employer, my Bestie recommended a replacement to take over for her. This was someone she had worked with off and on over the years. My Bestie brought this woman into her workplace and mentored her till the day she left to start her new life unencumbered by the daily restraints of employment.

The relationship went beyond the workplace as well. My Bestie was supportive when her replacement was having trouble with one of her children, offering constant support and solicited advice. They often took lunch together and shared confidences. This was a real friendship.

But a month or so after my Bestie sailed – quite literally- into the sunset, she started hearing from former clients and co-workers that the friend she had handpicked as her replacement was enthusiastically spreading around some bad blood.

(You can just hear Taylor singing about this, can’t you?)

The newbie seldom missed an opportunity to share with anyone in ear shot that she had to “clean up after her predecessor,” throwing continual shade on my Bestie’s work ethic, habits and intelligence, all the while implying that her own arrival on the scene came just in time.

Yep. She went there.

Why would she do that? Insecurity? Fear? Basic ungratefulness?  IDK.

But I do know this- there is not a limited supply of success.


I can be successful, you can be successful, we all can be successful. And you know what else? We don’t have to stomp on others to do so.

The road to true success should not be paved with the blood of other women.

Now more than every we need to join together and LIFT EACH OTHER UP.

Not trounce all over one another.

Today presents the optimal opportunity for you to reach out to a woman who has extended a hand to you in one form or another, and give them praise. Share this blog to let them know they have made a difference in your life.


And when you are done with that, turn and extend your hand to someone who can benefit from your strength.  Be that strong woman who makes a marked difference in the life of another.

Never forget …


Thanks for all the support you give me. I truly appreciate you all.




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